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And so to the first post

There’s always a first, and this is it. This is also something called the excerpt. On many WordPress sites, you will simply see this as a truncated version of the post. I much prefer to write custom excerpts for posts – it’s like you care about it a little more. Not sure Google cares, but you never know.

As a WordPress designer and developer, I have an opinion on pretty much everything.
These posts are just my own thoughts and opinions on a wide range of stuff – from artwork to web design.
I’ve been involved in the creative industries since the early ’90s. From an art student at the once-amazing Oxfordshire School of Art to running a creative business for over 20 years.
It’s been an interesting ride.
Since co-founding Toast in 1997, I’ve worked with so many different types of business on such a wide range of projects that it’s impossible to list them all (or rather remember them).
I’ve worked across every type of print project, from high-level Branding campaigns to artworking Z-Cards.
I started building websites in 1998, firstly using WYSIWYG builders, then onto hand-built sites in Dreamweaver (et al).
A brief stint planning and building bespoke content management systems led me to find WordPress (if you’ve ever worked on a bespoke-build CMS you’ll know why).
When I first started to use it, people would tell me that WordPress was ‘just’ a blogging platform and not good for anything else.
How wrong they were.
Over a decade later and I am a WordPress expert, having built 100s of sites.
This section of the blog shares some of my insights and discoveries. I currently look after over 150 websites for large and small clients, so every day I deal with issues, fixes and advise on content and best practice.
If you have a website and think it should be better, get in touch – I will happily have a quick look at it for you.