Optimising WordPress

How to SEO your WordPress site.

The basics of WordPress SEO and how to implement it on your own website.

Optimising your website using SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a powerful tool to help you optimise your website, here we look at the basics of using it.

Optimising WordPress is about making sure that all the technical aspects of your site a correct and error-free.

If you are trying to get more traffic from the search engines to your WordPress site, it’s important to get all the basics right and to have a site that’s in tip-top condition before you invest time or money in SEO.

Why should you optimise your site?

If your site has problems and errors, getting it to rank is going to be harder.
When Google indexes your site, it picks up far more than just the on-page content.

Google’s job is to deliver the best results to match a users search string, but it also wants to make sure the visitor has a good experience when clicking through from the search.

If your site is slow, badly built or riddled with errors, this will directly affect where your site is placed in the results.