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And so to the first post

Ah, the blog – a favourite of the SEO expert and what we should all be spending far too much of our time on.

I’ve always used the word ‘blog’ to describe what is actually a collection of categorised and tagged content that is specifically designed to get a website ranking in the search results (it’s what we SEO experts do).

The term ‘blog’ itself is so rooted in the early days of WordPress that I still have conversations today with people along the lines of ‘but isn’t WordPress just a blogging platform’.

Maybe the term ‘blog’ is now obsolete.

Or maybe it should be relegated to real ‘blogs’ from people that like to write about themselves, what they do and other stuff they are all-too-eager to publish globally.

Clearly, I can’t call this section of the site ‘content that is planned and optimised to rank for specific keywords and search strings‘, but it’s probably more appropriate.

So why do you need a wide range of content optimised for keywords and search strings?

The answer to this question is simply far too long for one blog post, and especially the first one written for my site.

You need to write optimised content for your site to demonstrate to people out there searching for stuff that you have answers to.

It’s really that simple, and here’s why.

Doing this is how you are going to win more new clients and business from your website.

This is the area of content production that I focus on.

I am not interested in making you famous or increasing your likes, follows or whatever.

I am interested in boosting your business bottom-line by helping you to improve your website in lots of different ways.

Do I think this ‘blog’ post will rank for anything?

Probably not, but this is the first of many and I need to start somewhere. I’ve got the internal links in here with anchor text back to some of my landing pages and there’s an image at the top with the correct ALT tags in there.

Plus, I’ve managed to drag this rant out to over 400 words which according to Backlinko isn’t really enough (spot the external link).

I personally don’t think any blog should be 100% about simply getting content ranking in the SERPs.

At the end of the day, whatever content you find from a search and then decide to contact someone as a result, you have to work with these people.

If there’s a void where a personality should be, then you’re not going to enjoy working with them.

Anyhow, off to plan the next 50 ‘blogs’.

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Credit: Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

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