Keep it simple, stupid.

Overthinking the design of a website takes the focus away from the sites content. It’s the content that converts, not the fact that you changed the blue to a slightly deeper hue.

Watch out for developers that change your Theme’s version number.

WordPress theme version numbers and why some (idiot) developers change this.

One of my favourite things: fake staff photos on web agency websites.

So you are looking at a new WordPress agency; their team profile images look like something from Shutterstock, could they be fake profiles?

Copy should be your primary focus for your website: the reasons why.

Write your website copy first and you’ll end up with a better website.

What are WordPress page builders, are they any good, and should you use them for your website?

Are page builders right for your website? Probably not and here are the reasons why.

Do your due diligence when commissioning a creative agency.

How do you know what I am telling you is remotely true? You check it. And not just those online reviews from my friends… (not really).

Working for free, or being asked to work for free, is bullshit; with some exceptions.

Ever been asked to work for free? Tell them where to do and go off and do something less boring instead.

Do you really still need a designer for your website?

Do you need a designer anymore, let alone a creative? I think you probably do, and someone qualified.

Opinions on all things WordPress.

These posts are mainly about my opinions on various WordPress, web design, web development and anything else website-related.