WordPress Services

If you are looking to improve an existing WordPress site, need help planning a new one, or are just wondering if WordPress is right for you, I can help.

WordPress is the most flexible, stable content management system on the web.

Continually improved, supported by a huge number of passionate contributors and so easy to use, it’s clear to see why so many websites use it.

As an experienced WordPress developer, I can help you with the following.

WordPress consultation – is WordPress right for you?

Starting a new site using WordPress or moving an existing one over to the platform can be a daunting task.

I have found that many clients simply have to trust the opinions of their current or prospective web design agency on the best CMS to suit their current and potential needs.

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Content Planning – where most websites fall down.

Where everything should start. Planning your content is simply the most important part of any website project.

It’s often overlooked as simply the text and images that you, the client, are going to supply to the people building your site.

It’s so much more than that.

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SEO Consultancy starts early, not at the end of the project.

Search Engine Optimisation works hand-in-hand with planning the content of your new website.

What you want to rank for and what content you have to rank is something you need to identify early on in the project as it will affect the entire structure of your site, categories, tags, custom post types and everything!

Most agencies throw a site together and worry about SEO afterwards – it’s completely the wrong way to do it.


WordPress design – far more than just the look and feel.

Design is not just about what your site looks like – it’s how information is arranged, how you want visitors to interact with that information and what they should do next.

You can split this out into the graphic design aspect, the user experience and the information architecture of the site. I like to just call it the design stage as it should take in all these separate aspects.

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WordPress development – building your website.

Should you use a free theme, a premium theme or do you need something more bespoke?

There are literally 1000s of options when it comes to developing your WordPress site – most come with some form of limitation, other than a fully bespoke built site.

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WordPress hosting – don’t invest in a new site and then scrimp on the hosting.

Hosting for your WordPress site is as important as the site itself. Opting for some cheap, nasty hosting does far more damage than simply affecting your sites speed and placement in the SERPs.

A poorly hosted site can also make working on your site painful. You may not have backups and your shared server could be full of spammy sites that can affect you.

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WordPress maintenance – make sure your site is looked after properly.

Chances are that you are not a WordPress expert when it comes to updates and future development work.

An affordable maintenance plan will help ensure your site is kept in tip-top condition, meaning it’s fast and performs well.

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