WordPress Development

We are developing WordPress sites for large and small businesses, charities and NFPs.

WordPress development forms the main core of what I do day-in, day-out.

For me, WordPress development takes in far more than sitting in front of code; a well developed WordPress site should be a pleasure to use, intuitive and quick.

As I am originally a creative designer, I bring this thinking to all the WordPress sites I develop.

I develop WordPress sites for two types of users – you, the site owner and your visitors.

Both sets of users need a site that is easy to use and navigate.

If it’s your site, you need to be able to update content quickly and don’t want to spend hours messing around with endless settings and configuration. You may have complex requirements for content, but this is where the creative side of WordPress comes into play – working out how best to build you a set of tools to manage your content.

A lot of developers don’t think like this – it’s purely seen as achieving the front-end requirement – many don’t focus on you as a user too.

Creative WordPress development for people, not coders.

As an experienced creative designer, I bring a lot more to the table than your average programmer.

I am able to see a 360-degree view of what you need from WordPress development, and I can see this from both sides as I work in both client and development environments.

As a business owner who’s run an agency for over 20 years, I’m am experienced in most of the roles other freelancers or agency staff haven’t, the benefit here for you is you get to work with one person rather than someone for one thing and someone else for another.

Building a WordPress site that performs well is a complex task. With creative thinking employed at every stage of the project, I can keep things simple for you and explain everything concisely and clearly so you know exactly what is going on.

Bespoke WordPress theme development.

It doesn’t matter how large your site is, I develop all my WordPress sites on my own theme.

This has been developed over the last five years and forms the base of all the sites I build.

Rather than off-the-shelf themes or other starter frameworks, this theme is absolute bare-bones. It contains the absolute minimum code required to form a working WordPress site.

This means it’s lightweight and completely flexible – I only add in the code required to accomplish what you need – there’s nothing in there that’s reliant on 1000s of lines of javascript or CSS.

Every site I work on is built to order from the ground up so you get a site that does exactly what you need it to do.

There’s also no need for you to know anything at all about HTML or styling content. You just focus on adding your content and the theme does the rest.

Anyone who has managed a WordPress site knows that over-developed WordPress sites can be incredibly frustrating to use and manage – some developers create hugely over-complicated or counterintuitive processes to get even the simplest content into place.

When I am done, it’s all yours.

As WordPress is open-source, I work within the same ethos.

WordPress is free, so I don’t own it.

When you’ve paid my invoices, the website is 100% yours – I retain no ownership of the code and I don’t build in stuff that’s going to force you to give me a call and ask for help.

The WordPress sites I develop are fully editable.

This includes things over-and-above the text content such as menus, templates, logos, header and footer content, galleries and so on.

Even the code editor is left open, so, if you should want to dabble, you can do that.

I also keep my code easily understandable for other developers. Should you want someone else to take over the site or work on it for you, everything in there is easy to pick up and run with.