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If you are serious about the hosting of your website, it’s worth checking out WP Engine. I’ve worked with a lot of different hosting companies over the years, and whilst WPE is not cheap, they are one of the best hosting providers I’ve worked with.

Many of the blogs and opinions on this site are here due to the active WordPress discussions we have at work on a daily basis, so I’d also like to give credit to my awesome WordPress team at Toast – Laila Boyles, Charlotte Brown, Jade Mumford and Aaron Jones.

Also, credit to Toast’s creative strategy expert, Simon Brown.


Many web design agencies still place a link to their website in the footer of the site.

This results in a backlink from the site the developer has built to their own site that appears on each and every page of the site.

For a large site, this can generate 100s of backlinks, something that Google looks at as potentially suspicious.

If I build a site for a small Coffee shop that has 50 pages and then add a backlink to this site footer, that’s 50 backlinks appearing in one go from a Coffee-related site to a WordPress developers website – it doesn’t really make sense – why would a Coffee shop link to a WordPress developer?

Google can interpret this sort of thing as a bad or spammy backlink profile, and it can do your site (the one being linked too) far more harm than good.

This is why this site has a credits page.

It’s one page that’s linked to from the footer, so the internal page rank is high, then we just have the one link back to whoever.

That’s one link out on an internally high-ranked page.

Ok, so it still could be a Coffee Shop linking to a Designers site, but it’s only one link, not fifty.