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Reasons why I use Pastel for website markup.

Pastel is an incredibly useful website mark up tool that saves you time and money.

When working on a large website project, feedback about the finer details can sometimes be difficult to collect.

You don’t want to have to ask your clients to send you lengthy emails about changes and tweaks as these can take an age to write.

Phone calls don’t always work either as it’s not always possible to do the amends to a website whilst chatting on the phone with a client.

Pastel provides an awesome way of allowing clients to annotate comments directly onto the in-progress website.

It’s really easy to use.

Pastel works by loading the in-progress website into the Pastel site and allowing everyone working on the project to click on any element on the website and leave a comment.

These comments are then displayed as a list of active, in-progress or completed tasks.

Everyone can also comment on comments, so there’s a list of questions or comments to work through.

You can also ‘@’ message people directly in Pastel to send them an email if you have specifically asked for their comments or feedback.

It saves no end of time!

Being able to click on any element of a website and leave a comment means that all the comments are directly related to the section of the site the client or developer is referring to.

Pastel removes any guesswork from completing amends and allows developers to assign a short sprint to complete the requests.

It works for in-progress sites and live sites.

I use Pastel a lot for live sites where I am providing consultancy or optimisation.

Simply adding a clients site to my Pastel dashboard allows me to go through the whole site, page-by-page, adding comments and annotations to very specific sections of the website.

You can also toggle between desktop and mobile views to leave comments related to how the website looks on different screen sizes.

It allows you to get organised.

There’s nothing better than a list of comments and tweaks to work through on a website project.

This allows you to action each comment, in turn, and see exactly what the comment relates to a get it fixed up quickly.

As things can change quite a lot as a website project develops, Pastel also has a really handy feature that lets you view a screengrab of where the original comment was made, even if the design or layout of the page has changed since that comment was made.

To summarise.

Pastel will save you, and your clients time when it comes to feeding back on an in-progress website project.

Being able to pragmatically work through comments in order, and be taken to the exact place on the page where the comment has been made is awesome.

I’ve used Pastel on a lot of websites and the feedback from clients is always positive; it makes their lives easier and you can invite the entire client team to give targetted, easy-actionable feedback which also makes it easier for your developers.

If you have issues with your websites, get in touch below and I’ll add your website to my Pastel account so you can see just how easy it is to use.

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