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While you wait for me to come back to you, below are some links to interesting stuff for people who have WordPress-powered websites.

Depending on your technical know-how and interest, these may or may not be of interest, but they are worth checking out.

One important thing to note is that you can judge the quality of your web design agency by asking them what tools they invest in. 

If they just use a whole range of freebie tools to try and improve your website, they are not investing anything in their business or their ability to help you – this can tell you a lot.


This is one of the main tools that I use for auditing and improving websites. It’s not cheap, but worth every penny. One of the things I can do for you as part of an ongoing support plan is to send you monthly reports from SEM Rush – this means you don’t need to shell out on the $160+ per month fee.

Just to put some things in perspective, my account with SEM Rush costs nearly $4000 USD per year. This represents a significant investment on my part, but it means my clients benefit from the data I am able to share with them.

Does your current WordPress consultant or agency commit this sort of investment – I’d ask them if I were you.


Another paid tool that I use to explore site and domain rankings. Again, this isn’t cheap, but there are some free tools on this site that you can use to get data about the quality of your website.


Providing you have Google Analytics on your site, you can plug into Google’s Search Console (your developers should have done this already.

This gives you even more insight into backlinks, search strings and how well your site is doing.

Too many tools!

There are so many tools to use to analyse your site. Free ones only get you so far, so be prepared to spend some money if you want to get the best tools.

One thing about working with me that’s a real benefit is that I have access to these already (it costs me a small fortune) but if you have a support or a retained contract with me, I’ll share all these reports with you.

This means you benefit from the 100% transparent reports that these apps produce – you can see for yourself exactly how I am improving your site and benefitting your bottom-line.