Dave Foreman

WordPress Development

Developing websites with WordPress is wonderful!
It’s a superb CMS that allows experienced┬ádevelopers to build fully-bespoke WordPress sites.
I am an experienced WordPress designer, developer and consultant. I’ve worked on 100s of WordPress sites across many sectors, including charities, financial, sports and retail.
On top of this, I’ve invested in some amazing apps to make project management easier and to ensure that my clients are fully informed and able to feedback easily on the projects I work on.
Website development projects are complicated, so I use things like Draftium, Pastel, Basecamp and Zendesk to make them easier to keep under control.
All these apps are part of the reason why I am able to manage WordPress development effectively and efficiently – which saves you time and money.
I’ve made the investment in these apps – and it adds up to ┬ú1000s a year in fees, but it means I get the best results for my clients.
Ask any WordPress developer you are considering for a new project if they use any of these apps – if they are still working solely via email and sending you spreadsheets, it should set off alarm bells.
If you have an existing site that you need some help with or are thinking about a new WordPress site, get in touch – I can help you plan, design and build something awesome.
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