WordPress Development

WordPress, WooCommerce and WPML

They don’t come more complex than this. WordPress, Woo and WPML for global business.

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Selling products to a global market on a multilingual site.

Probably the largest set of WordPress sites I’ve ever worked on. Tensator sells its products globally and their websites need to perform.

I’ve worked with the marketing team at Tensator on several websites for their different brands. 

This site is the main site for the global brand and is huge.

WooCommerce and WPML development.

WordPress is an awesome CMS, WooCommerce is an amazing e-commerce platform and WPML is the leading plugin for multilingual sites.

Combining all three is a challenge, but that’s exactly what has been delivered for Tensator.

I’ve worked on all their corporate sites and we’re moving them all over to WordPress, WooCommerce and WPML.

This sort of project is complex and benefits from the experienced staff at Tensator – we work together on these large projects rather than dictating what can and can’t be done.

Lots of custom theme work, oodles of WooCommerce customisation and some bespoke plugin development make this site perform beyond expectations.

Using premium plugins.

If you do find you need a premium (paid for) plugin on your site, make sure you buy the licence for this yourself. This way you will be billed directly for the renewals and you will hold the licence, not your developers.

With any WooCommerce site, you also need to connect your store directly to WooCommerce for updates – again, this should be done on your own account.

In this case, the team at Tensator registered all their own plugins themselves and simply sent them to us to install.

This is another good example of where your WordPress developer should follow best practice and provide you with advice that’s best for you and doesn’t tie you into having to call them (and incur fees) for basic stuff.

If you need something complex, my team and I can handle it for you. Just get in touch and we’ll have a talk through what you need.