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WordPress for small businesses

A small brochure-style site for this company that helps young people with apprenticeships.

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Screenshots don’t really cut it.

  WordPress for small business websites

I don’t just work on large complex sites. This one is a smaller site but still benefits from a bespoke build.

While WordPress is great for larger sites, it’s also a perfect CMS for small businesses that just need something simple and easy to manage.

This site for JBT Training is a perfect example – it’s less than 20 pages in size but is still built on my custom WordPress theme which makes it easy to manage for Denise and the team.

Content management for non-techy users.

Denise at JBT would be the first to tell you that tech isn’t really her thing, so this site has been built with customised admin pages to make managing the content easy and pain-free.

The main content on the site doesn’t need to be updated very often and there’s a simple to use blog section so they can update with new content as-and-when needed.

WordPress is great for SMEs.

One conversation I have with a lot of small businesses is about winning more work from their websites.

A lot of people think that their service or niche simply won’t attract traffic and convert visitors into enquiries.

As an SME, you may not have a huge budget to throw at your new site, but that is what makes WordPress awesome – we don’t need to do everything to go live – we can get the core site up-and-running and then build on it to demonstrate that you can rank for keywords that will bring in visitors and new business.

Once you see how easy this can be, it gets a bit addictive – the more content you produce, the more visits you get, the more conversions you make.

It’s not all large websites with big-budgets. If you need a smaller site but want it done properly, give me a call.