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Rugby World Cup website

Large WooCommerce site for Rugby World Cup 2019 – deconstructed WooCommerce and a hefty bespoke theme.

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Rugby Website Design

WordPress design, development and WooCommerce site for STH LIVE – the official hospitality partner for RWC 2019.

This site is a complex bespoke build for STH LIVE – an official Hospitality partner of the Rugby World Cup 2019.

The site is built around WooCommerce and enables visitors to build their own custom hospitality package for the event – they can then either add this to their cart for payment or choose to contact the sales team directly to discuss their requirements.

This might sound simple, but it required some serious WooCommerce customisation as Woo is generally set up to go from the initial purchase right through to the payment – adding in the option to not buy but contact the sales team instead took some work.

We had to pull WooCommerce apart and rework it to accomplish the functionality required for the site – this took some doing but was fun and a good challenge.

Fully bespoke build.

A bespoke built WordPress site does not use an off the shelf theme. This allows far more customisation of the site and avoids theme conflicts as the project progresses.

The advantage of a bespoke build is that you get exactly what need and avoid lots of functions that are not needed for your site.

If you think you may need bespoke work on your site it’s another reason to consider a bespoke theme so it’s easier for developers to work on the site and add custom markup.

You simply can’t build this type of site off the back of a bought-in theme – if would effectively double the workload in creating this type of site as the developers would need to first un-pick the theme and then rebuild it to accomplish the required functionality.

Starting on a bare-bones bespoke theme means that you’re not battling with current functions – simply building in what you need.

Ongoing support.

I provide support for the site, updating the bespoke theme and plugins as required. There’s also been a fair amount of additional development work on this site post-live.

This is something where premium WordPress hosting is really important – the ability to have a staging area where the live site can be cloned back to, developed, checked and then pushed back to the live server is crucial for a large and busy website.