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Private Hospital Website

A corporate website for a local Private Hospital.

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Private Hospital Website Design

WordPress design, build and hosting for a large Private Hospital in Banbury.

The Foscote Private Hospital in Banbury approached us to redesign and build them a new WordPress site that better served their marketing needs.

Again built on my own bespoke WordPress theme, we created a site that was easier to use and made it quicker for the team to add content – saving them time and money as their old non-WordPress site was outdated and very difficult to update.

Custom post types and admin sections mean that managing the site content is more intuitive and we built out bespoke templates for sections of the site where complex content management was required.


Much of our work on the site involved making all of the content more user-focused, improving user experience and conversion rate optimisation.

We looked at the type of visitor and enquiry that the hospital typically gets and helped the marketing team map out content and user journeys to guide visitors from the homepage to where they needed to be.

This type of planning doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune – often it’s a case of employing common sense, but if you dive too quickly into the design and build without considering this stuff, you could end up confusing your visitors.

Hosted and supported.

The site is also hosted and maintained, meaning it’s completely looked after, kept up-to-date and support is provided via a support plan. I provide straightforward, no-nonsense support plans for WordPress to help website owners keeps their sites healthy and performing well. Get in touch for more information.

Much kudos to Charlotte Brown at Toast on this project for an excellent job!

Whatever your budget, project or idea, get in touch for a quote. I’ll happily have a chat through things with you on the phone and see how I can help.