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Personalising WooCommerce

One of my side-projects, A is for Alphabet sells personalised cards, prints and invitations.

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  Greeting card retailer

WooCommerce comes into its own when selling personalised products.

If you sell something simple online, it’s relatively easy to get WooCommerce up-and-running.

If you are a small business that sells 100s of different products, most of which can be personalised in different ways, it can get a little more complicated.

Personalising WooCommerce.

One of the main advantages of using WooCommerce over some of the online apps like Shopify is that you can customise it as much as you need to.

This site sells products that can be personalised. The ability to do this is done at product-level meaning from a customers perspective, the buying process is simple and intuitive.

When selling any non-standard product, it’s crucial to not place any barriers or points of confusion that may result in your customer abandoning their purchase.

Too simple and the visitor may not feel confident they will get what they are ordering, too complex and they’ll bounce.

This site is built using a clever product add-ons plugin to allow visitors to quickly personalise their order on the product page before adding it to their basket with the personalisation choices clearly listed.

These options can be set globally in the backend, so a certain category of product will always display a set of options, or it can be done at the product level.

This sort of flexibility means that the site can cope with all the different types of product that AIFA currently sells and may sell in the future.

All the customer’s personalised details are passed to the order summary, invoice and into WooCommerce’s customer records, so there’s no confusion as to the selected personalisation and it’s recorded at every step.

A is for Alphabet has sold over 50,000 products, so it’s going well!

To make a WooCommerce site effective, it takes more than just design. I can help you plan the strategy and buying journey for your site.