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Parish council website design

A simple and easy to use WordPress site for a Parish Council.

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  Parish Council Website Design

Parish Councillors are volunteers, so having a website that’s easy to manage is essential.

Despite not having the funding, Parish Council websites need to conform to the same strict standards of their fellow District and County Councils.

Accessibility, responsiveness and user experience are crucial given the wide age-range of the site’s audience.

Information-led design and build.

Parish Council websites have to display a lot of information relating to meetings and documents.

This bespoke-built WordPress site for my local Parish Council has custom-built sections to make managing this content easy. 

The site is built so content can be added in one place and is then automatically populated to the rest of the site.

Custom Post Types have also been used to create bespoke admin pages so even the least techy person can intuitively manage it.

VERY easy to use.

I don’t think it would be unfair to say that a lot of Parish Council’s can struggle somewhat with technology.

Even though they are small and run by volunteers, Parish Council websites still need to conform to all the standards of their larger District and County Council counterparts.

WordPress makes a perfect platform on which to design and build Parish Council websites as much of the functionality required works straight out of the box.

With the addition of a few simple plugins, the site can then have functions for things like meeting minutes, agendas and the wide range of other documents that Parish Councils need to post on their sites.

Recent accessibility changes have also meant that all Parish Council websites need to meet new guidelines – this is often outside the skillset of volunteer Councillors, so if you manage a small council website and need help with improving it, get in touch.

I design the admin sections of sites as much as the front end. Website owners often waste hours wrestling with content. I make it easy.