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WordPress makes the best CMS for larger corporate websites.

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  WordPress design for corporate site

When your website represents your global brand, make it WordPress.

Many of the world top brands use WordPress to power their websites and Lexacom is one of them. As global leaders in digital dictation, their website needed to do two things. 

Firstly, it needed to communicate to searchers who knew the brand name and secondly it needed to rank for searches where it could provide a solution.

Heavily customised design.

Lexacom had invested heavily in new branding and corporate identity, so the design of the site was seriously important.

The only way to go with this one was a bespoke theme development approach as the team wanted WordPress, but didn’t want it to look too much like WordPress (something I get asked to do a lot).

Working with the branding team, the templates were created to give the site its own unique look – far removed from off-the-shelf template-based themes.

The bespoke build and CMS gave Lexacom exactly what they needed.

Since it’s launch, new templates have been added to further extend the site whilst keeping everything on-brand.

Supporting the site.

Lexacom can manage most of their content themselves as the post and page admin sections have been designed to suit what they need to do.

We provide ad-hoc support (such as adding the templates mentioned above).

It’s important to consider how much support you may need and discuss this with your developers. Many sites I build go straight onto a monthly website support contract – and they use it.

Other clients, such as Lexacom, are happy to pay on an ad-hoc basis – their requirements are generally larger, so new work is quoted to a fixed spec and fixed fee.

If you think WordPress is limited by templates, think again. You’ve infinite options if your WordPress developers know what they are doing.