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Bronnley ecommerce website

Highly customised WooCommerce site for Bronnely  – an iconic British brand.

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Screenshots don’t really cut it.

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Bronnley’s old site was on Magento. They needed a change to make the site easier to manage.

This site is another bespoke WooCommerce development that contains a lot of custom functionality.

Representing an iconic brand online can be challenging, but we worked with the brand guidelines for their new branding to design something awesome.

Mission critical.

As you can imagine, this site is crucial to the brand’s online sales, so the management of content, offers & discounts, customers, and the end-to-end purchase journey was very important.

The bespoke WordPress build has made the site stable and quick to update meaning the marketing team can keep it up-to-date and manage nearly all the site without the need to call for assistance.

Hosting is also another key consideration when you have a mission critical website. You need to be sure your hosting can deal with spikes in traffic at business times, has one-click backups when needed and runs on PHP7 or above.

No one likes a slow website, and if you are selling online, you don’t want customers having to wait for slow-loading pages when they are trying to buy something.

Optimising Javascript and other site processes are also crucial too – getting the optimisation wrong will cost you sales and money.

If you lose a customer down to a slow or poorly optimised site, you lose far more than just the sale, you lose the opportunity of a repeat sale, miss out on the chance to get a five-star review and they are not going to share their experience or product on social media.

One lost sale means lots of other positive customer interactions are also lost.

My advice is to invest wisely in hosting for large e-commerce sites.

WooCommerce is far more flexible than you may realise. In the right hands, you can accomplish whatever you need.