WordPress Development

Brewery website design

WooCommerce and WordPress brewed-up to create a hard-working site for this iconic brewery.

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  Website for Brewery

Beer, tours, a cafe and history – all ingredients for a great brewery website.

I drink more Hooky beer than I would like to admit, so working on this site was a real honour. 

Based locally, the team at Hooky asked us to completely redesign and build their site on WordPress so the (uber) busy marketing team could take more control of the day-to-day management.

Where there is WordPress, there is a way.

As Hooky sell alcohol online, we needed to add an age gate to the site – something that was easily achievable with a premium WordPress plugin (the free ones didn’t do the job properly.

Hooky also have a complex range of shipping charges as they sell bottles, kegs, food and a wide range of other items – all of which have different shipping costs.

This meant some complex shipping rules for the site (shipping is always complicated with e-commerce) but we got it all sorted.

The new site has meant the team can take more control over everything and we’re working with Hooky on improving their SEO and conversion rates.

If you sell large and small items online, shipping can get complicated. I can help you simplify everything!

Project notes.

This was a large site to work on and with the e-commerce side generating important sales, things had to be done properly.


Hooky’s old site ranked for some decent and high-volume keywords, so we had to ensure that the link structure remained the same.

As the old site was built on a legacy CMS, this proved to be somewhat of a challenge, but we fixed things using WordPress’ Permalink structure and set 301 redirects for any content that previously had ugly URLs.



Hooky has a strong and well-established brand identity, so it was crucial that the site built upon this. The strong and memorable orange was retained in the website design for the brewery to ensure consistency across on- and off-line materials.