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Banbury Museum website

Fully bespoke WordPress site for my local Museum.

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Screenshots don’t really cut it.

 Museum website design

Banbury Museum needed a new website as their old one had become clunky and impossible to manage.

This website is another fully bespoke build on my own WordPress starter theme. 

The Museum needed a site that allowed them to manage 100% of the content and to add additional sections and blogs to promote events.

The site uses the awesome Advanced Custom Fields to create custom admin pages and sections that contain all the content fields the team need to quickly add and manage the text and image content.

Easy to update.

The Museums marketing team can now effortlessly add new content to the site and use it to promote upcoming events.

We provide support for Banbury Museum for the website – updates, tweaks and other assistance to make the site even easier to manage.

Another example of why bespoke theme development is best!

Having a website that you can build in new functionality as it’s required without the fear of having to start over is important for most businesses.

This is one of the key advantages of a bespoke WordPress site over an off-the-shelf theme.

As this site has been built 100% bespoke, it’s easy (and cheaper) to add new stuff in as the Museum needs it.

If this had been built on a purchased theme and/or framework, this sort of work may have been more complicated (and therefore more expensive).

One thing that I have come across on countless occasions is large websites built on off-the-shelf themes where the client has approached me to change or add something to the site which then results in problems.

These problems can be plugin conflicts (cheap themes often rely on many, many plugins to work), Javascript conflicts or just the simple fact that the theme or framework just can’t cope with what’s needed.

If you want to talk about bespoke theme development that uses only the core WordPress code and won’t cause you headaches further down the line, give me a call on 01295 266644.

Although bespoke WordPress development might cost a little more upfront, it saves so much more time and budget in the long run.