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The Blog – the stalwart of the content marketer, time-vortex for the business owner and place of much confusion when it comes to SEO.

Do you need a blog? 

This very much depends on whether you’ve got something interesting to say, share or demonstrate. There’s no doubt that blog posts rank and can bring new traffic to your site, but this has to be the right traffic. My blog posts are about WordPress development, WordPress consultancy and general creative thoughts and comment.

One interesting this about this site is that it’s starting from nothing. A newly registered domain name with zero domain authority, no relevant keyword in the domain itself and not a single backlink in sight (at the time of writing this).

Part of this blog will be dedicated to journalling the development of this site, what works and what doesn’t from an SEO perspective. I mainly work on established websites, so these naturally have some domain age, authority and backlinks already. Posts on this topic will really detail how to get your blog ranking when you are starting with nothing. 

It’s important to remember that what you do on your website today may not have any effect on your website’s placement in the search for several months. Things are rarely instant in the world of SEO which is another reason to make sure your site is in perfect condition with a site audit before you invest too much time in blogging and content production.

Web designers Banbury

Web designers Banbury. Clearly one of the more highly contested terms for search engine optimisation in the Banbury area – there are over 100 monthly searches for the term web designers Banbury according to the range of tools I use to analyse this sort of stuff. Banbury is a small town in North Oxfordshire and…

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