How to SEO your WordPress site.

The basics of WordPress SEO and how to implement it on your own website.

Do you really still need a designer for your website?

Do you need a designer anymore, let alone a creative? I think you probably do, and someone qualified.

How to work out what a WordPress site should cost

How much should a budget be for a WordPress site?

How much does a WordPress website cost in the UK?

Charges for planning, designing and building WordPress sites varies wildly – here we look at the options.

Reasons why I use Pastel for website markup.

Pastel is an intuitive tool for marking up websites with comments and tweaks. See how it saves you, and your clients, time and money when feeding back on WordPress projects.

What does a genuinely bespoke WordPress site really entail?

You’ve probably heard about bespoke WordPress sites, but what are they?

Optimising your website using SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a powerful tool to help you optimise your website, here we look at the basics of using it.

Web designers Banbury

Clearly one of the more highly contested terms for search engine optimisation in the Banbury area – there are over 100 monthly searches for the term web designers Banbury according to the range of tools I use to analyse this sort of stuff.

And so to the first post

There’s always a first, and this is it. This is also something called the excerpt. On many WordPress sites, you will simply see this as a truncated version of the post. I much prefer to write custom excerpts for posts – it’s like you care about it a little more. Not sure Google cares, but you never know.